Kirk Session

The Kirk Session are the active elders of the congregation, who also act as trustees of the West Mearns Parish Church charity.

An elder is someone who has a call and a commitment to undertake, along with the minister, responsibility for the life of the congregation in all its aspects, including worship, mission and service to the wider community.

An elder affirms "That they believe the fundamental doctrines of the christian faith; and they promise tTo see the unity and peace of the church; to uphold its doctrine, worship, government and discipline; and to take your due part in the administration of its affairs?"

Every elder is expected to: attend worship regularly; remember the work of the church in their own prayers; give sacrificially of their time talents and money; attend Kirk Session meetings and workgroups/commitees; work in partnership with the minister and the other elders.

Individual elders might use their gifts in: Leadership & vision building; Pastoral care; Developing forms of worship; Administration; Outreach; or Christian education.

The Kirk Session meets regularly. Further details can be obtained from the session clerk or minister.